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English to Czech Translation


As an English to Czech translator I am able to make translations for you in prime quality. First of all I provide you with legal, economic and business translation services for letters, minutes of General Meetings, advertising leaflets, Trade Licences and Certificates of Incorporation. I will translate your statutes, Memoranda of Association, acts, regulations, directives, Tax Returns, invoices, bills of exchange, financial analyses and similar. And I help you with language localization of your SW products and with your web localization. And besides that I supply technical translations. I translate your technical manuals, instructions, reports, trial tests.
I have been a part of translators team for a boiler construction project for heating plants regarding ash handling equipment of boilers, fluid beds, worm coolers, sampling methods, chronology of defects, etc. I have worked as a translator in a sphere of coal manipulation and refinery (regenerator/main column section, gas concentration, vacuum distillation, gasoline merox process, waste water stripping and heavy naphta hydrotreating units). I have translated materials for a foundry industry too. Check my speciality, practice, existing customers, consult the cost or look up translators of other languages.
Herewith you'll find some samples of my translations:


I hope you have been satisfied with the translations level so that you can contract me with your translations at once. Examine my Italian-Czech translation examples.
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