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Translation Rates

Translation to Czech

0.075 Euro per source word                              Excluding VAT.

If you wish, ask a quotation of your translation to Czech whether it is juridical, technological or business translation, web localization or software translation. Please attach your file so that the calculation is as most precise as possible.
Here you find my contacts so that you can order your translations from English to Czech. And look at my specialty or my customers. Do you want to know what quality I deliver? Check examples of my translations from English to Czech

A software translator could arrange business, industrial and software translation - inquire about translation rates.

I occupy with translation and localization, and I'll procure a web localization and your translated website will be as original. I have prepared a web site of loose springs and spring units for mattresses and upholstery. As a software translator I have localized controlling, actuating, electronic fire signalling and alarm systems, server apps. I have been one of the Adobe products translators (e.g. Dreamweaver, Contribute, Flash, InDesign) and I have done software translation for companies like, which has been a very complexed web localization of SW applications.
I translate business matters and I assist you during your business correspondence. I prepare your contracts, agreements, advertising material, brochures, balance sheets, cash flows, profit and loss statements, expert's and audior's reports, documentation for tenders and more. I have occupied with measuring and regulation techniques for a few years. It was about float level gauges, positive displacement flow-meters, amplifiers, converters, failure signalization, flap valves, etc. I have translated instructions for agriculture machines - rotating harrows, cylinder tedders, silage cutters, rotary cultivators, feeding trailers, tank trucks - and descriptions of veterinary herbal preparations.
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