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Translator's Specialty & Branches

Technical Translation Services

  • mechanical engineering - rewinders, helicopters, cranes, robots
  • technology, building, car production, heating & petroleum industry
  • electronics, software translation, web localization, measuring & regulation
  • knitting - drying, packing, dying, boarding machines
  • food processing, animal feed, extruders, ovens, proofers

Legal Translations

  • agreements, contracts, certificates, Trade Licences, notarial acts, statutes
  • regulations, ministerial notices, EU directives, complaints, judgments
  • Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows, general meetings
I grant business translation services and I prepare your correspondence, advertising material, brochures, expert's and auditor's reports, documentation for tenders and others. As a legal translator I provide legal translations. I've worked on manuals of different machinery (resistance welders, industrial automation), devices, appliances, their characteristics and specifications, parts catalogues and booklets. I occupy with localization and translation, and I'll procure a web localization and your new website will be as original. I have translated a website of loose springs and spring units for mattresses and upholstery. As a software translator I have localized controlling, actuating, electronic fire signalling and alarm systems, server apps. I have been one of the Adobe products translators (e.g. Dreamweaver, Contribute, Flash, InDesign) and I have done software translation for companies like, which has been a very complexed web localization of web-based SW applications. I have translated materials related to agriculture - such as vademecum of feeding trailers, tank trucks, rotating harrows, rotary cultivators, cylinder tedders, silage cutters. Look at my training and preparations, my pricelist and then you can send your texts to be translated.
Technical and legal translations, business translation - for you and your activities!
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